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At Powerhouse, we have an age-appropriate curriculum to meet your student right where they are! Our curriculum is constantly being updated so your children are getting a high-quality experience in any of our facilities. For more detailed information, view our Parent Handbook here.


fun fridays

Fun Fridays is a fun experience to get your children up and moving! Every Friday they will be competing as teams to earn points and HUGE end-of-the-month prizes! Fun Fridays is a way to get every student invested in what is happening at your Powerhouse Campus!


Chapel is a moment in the month where Powerhouse is able to Partner with Oaks Church to assist in producing a live worship service experience. In Powerhouse we don't want your children to just know about God, but also experience Him!


Bible based

One thing that makes our Before and After School programs unique and stand out from others is that everything we do is Bible-based! In addition to chapels, our curriculum is written in-house and offers a wide variety of content. In our curriculum, we will have times of small group classroom discussion, a time to talk about the Ponder point (Big Idea) of the week!


At each campus, we offer outdoor and indoor recess options. We also use creative methods of learning, including crafts and activities. In addition, our program offers tutoring at select locations.

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